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Mask of Doctrine

 In the face of biblical dispute or disagreement, the concept of doctrine is humanly bantered about as a justified demarcation of one’s personal truth. Doctrine has become the conceptual mask that hides the root cause of biblical disagreement, thus it is necessary to define the concept contextually for its vast persona. Biblical doctrine cannot be limited, expanded, suppressed, or placated. When a mortal announces, concludes, or identifies a doctrinal violation, what has he/she actually discovered? If a person does not like a particular practice that over time  (in the minds of humanity) has moved from tradition to precedent and precedent to biblical command, can it be classified as doctrinal error? What is biblical doctrine? The answer is at the core of every biblical debate, but rarely is it analyzed. Read the rest of this entry

Is Baptism Really Essential?

The concept of baptism essentiality has been a heatedly debated concept in the world of Christendom, but primarily is a case of Western thought and critique. Based upon early church epochs and New Testament theology, conflict with baptism as part of the atoning or remission-of-sins process, appears to be absent from the discourse of Holy writ. During our current discussion of conversion and baptism, it appears that people have the ability to view the coin or process from opposing sides, failing to harmonize the powerful Word of God on the subject. Why is the essentiality of baptism a debate or issue of division (Matthew 3:16-17). Read the rest of this entry

Demonic Stronghold Liberation

468771_3557758673366_449269616_oAlthough clearly biblical, the concept of demonic stronghold deliverance is not a dialectic topic of intimate church of Christ familiarity. As church of Christ publications are researched for the topic of demonic strongholds, virtually nothing is found. However, in 2 Corinthians 10:3-6, Paul clearly addresses the concept. In addition to that, the theme and all of its variables stream from Genesis to Revelation, using terminology such as fortress, stronghold, defenced city, etc. In this brief article entry we do not have time to thoroughly analyze the historicity of biblical strongholds, but it is important to note that, originally and by divine design, God is our true stronghold. Read the rest of this entry